What does a Technical Communicator do?

Technical communicators are professional writers and artists who develop business or technical documents to communicate complex and technical information clearly, concisely, and consistently.
As a technical communicator, I develop communications material – including, but not limited to, user manuals, how-to-guides, journal or magazine articles, briefs, bids, proposals, press releases, web content, training material, and product descriptions.

What are your rates?

My rates depend on the scope, workload, and complexity of the project.
Subcontractor’s fees are not included. Those rates will be charged on top of mine and depend on the contractors.

Do you accept more work?

Yes. Contact me for a free quotation or assessment.

Do you work remotely?

Yes. I am willing to travel and have extensive experience using online collaboration tools.

I am a writer, document developer, and technical communicator. My qualifications, training, skills, and experience have all been as a technical communicator.
My job is to convey your knowledge with clarity, conciseness, and consistency.

What are your key skills?
  • The ability to communicate ideas clearly and effectively in multimedia environments.
  • Liaising with subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Writing clearly, with brevity and for usability.
  • Communicating complex concepts and information in a way that is clearly understood.
  • Showing ideas graphically.
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting.
In what format do you work?

I am experienced in writing for both electronic and print media. I have the know-how to publish material in most popular formats.

Do you work in a colaborative environment?

Yes. A technical communicator needs to work and liaise with everybody involved in the project, from developers and designers to marketers and salespeople.

Do you do project Management?

The writer is often the one who holds the reins, knowing who still needs to deliver what and when. While designers need to design, developers need to develop, and salespeople need to sell, technical writers spend 100% of their attention on the project.

What resources must I provide?

I work from my home office, where I have all the standard equipment I need. You will need to provide any specialist equipment (specific to your product or service), the required information. and an easily accessible “go-to” Subject Matter Expert or company liaison.

Recent projects

Since 2014, I have been working with the technical committee of the New Zealand Roofing Manufacturers Association (NZMRM) in rewriting the New Zealand Metal Roof Cladding Code of Practice. I am also a regular contributor to the “Scope” roofing magazine.

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