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Original Content

I am a technical content writer passionate about transforming your ideas into captivating content. I embrace each project, crafting compelling pieces that resonate with your audience. Collaboration is key, using your ideas as raw materials to fuel my creative process. Adapting to diverse backgrounds and industries, I immerse myself in your world.

We contracted Marius Strydom to support us with creating content for our new website www.ready4learning.co.nz

We found Marius really easy to work with. It was a true collaboration and he really listened to us. He helped us make sense of what we wanted to say and then put it into appropriate language  and short sharp ‘bites’ for our audience.

Andrea Ford, Director: Ready for Learning

Professional Articles and Blog Posts

Technical communicator with expereince ranging from newspaper articles to web content.

I needed a series of articles produced quickly and professionally. Marius delivered the finished articles ahead of schedule. I had the right guy. Thanks Marius.

— Alan Neben, BOP Business Publications

I love immersing myself in various various niches, industries, and perspectives. Simplifying complex information is always a welcome challenge.
From attention-grabbing headlines to thought-provoking conclusions, I weave facts and insights from subject matter experts into captivating articles.

Technical Content

I excel in translating technical information into accessible technical content. Collaboration with subject matter experts, artists, and designers ensures complex information is translated effectively, making it accessible and engaging for all.

Technical content writer Marius Strydom is passionate about explaining complex information.

Digitising SOPs and CoPs

Say goodbye to hardcopy Standard Operating Procedures, Codes of Practice, Health and Safety documentation and other dust piles in your workspace. Digitising those documents makes them more accessible for staff and easier for you to keep them up-to-date.


Supporting your web designer through effective SEO skills and techniques, I ensure your web pages show in search results.
I boost your website’s ranking and relevance by strategically incorporating keywords, optimising meta tags, and enhancing content structure.