About Me

Marius Strydom – Journalist and technical writer.

 Words are my favourite tools.


I’ve been writing since 1990. First as a newspaper reporter and from 1994 onwards as a freelance writer.

I have experience working in all media, including print, radio, television, theatre, and online copy.

One of my ongoing contracts is with the New Zealand Metal Roofing Manufacturers, revising and editing the New Zealand Profiled Metal Roofing Code of Practice.

 The Cook, the Handyman and Fishing.

 Being insatiably curious, my interests cover a delicious brew of subjects.

I am equally happy doing serious cognitive work or standing up to my elbows in an engine. Alternatively, I may cook a three-course dinner after I finished building the bookshelf.

Sometimes, it’s good to just pitch a tent on the beach and head off with a fishing rod.

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