About Me

Marius Strydom – technical writer, Business Document Developer.

 Words are my favourite tools.

Multidisciplinary writer

My writing career spans over thirty years with a background in journalism and a freelance career in technical writing.

Some of my published freelance writing credits include newspaper articles, magazine articles, web copy, and technical documents. Creatively, I also dabbled in theatre, television and radio.

Creating copy

Combining the knowledge of subject experts with the creativity of artists, web designers and other participants, I produce modern communication projects suited to various publishing options.

Plain English

I write for brevity, clarity, and comprehension – regardless of the subject nature.

Coordinating and managing projects

Combined experience as a freelance writer, theatre producer, and stage director gives me the tools to coordinate a project from its inception to the end.

Specialising in construction

Since 2014 I have been working on an ongoing project with the New Zealand Metal Roofing Manufacturers Inc. (NZMRM) revising the New Zealand Metal Roofing Code of Practice.

First-hand experience being onsite and on tools gives me a unique understanding of the joys, dynamics, problems and regulations encountered in construction.